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Dolly Mixtures
The brief demanded a product that was visually impressive and graphically. I choose to redesign Co-op's own brand of Dolly Mixtures as it was plain and did not appeal to children who are the consumer.

The brown colours of the original packaging have been replaced with a palette of pastel colours.

Furthermore an element of imagination has been introduced that suggests an island were Dolly Mixtures are mined (this project was completed before the Pot Noodle 'Noodle Mines' TV adverts were released).

Structurally the box is rectangular allowing the product to be stacked on the shelf and be packaged easily in large quantities.

The overall aim of the packaging redesign is to make the product appealing enough to buy and attractive enough to keep on display once the confectionary has been consumed, allowing the packaging to act as an advertisement for the product and Co-op.